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Zoomtopia Meetings Just Got Creepier & More Exciting.

This year's Zoomtopia conference was a whirlwind of new features designed to make your meetings smoother, smarter, and maybe even a little bit spooky.

Meeting Rooms Get a Makeover: Forget fiddling with wires – Zoom Rooms are getting fancy new appliances from partners like Neat and Poly. These all-in-one gadgets make setting up your conference room a breeze, and some even come with built-in whiteboards! But wait, there's more! Zoom Rooms are also getting some AI smarts, like automatically switching the camera to whoever's talking (no more awkward silences!).

Calling All Globetrotters: Zoom Phone is expanding to even more countries, so you can chat with colleagues across the world without worrying about crazy phone bills. Plus, Zoom is integrating with popular contact center platforms like Genesys, making it even easier to manage your customer calls.

Supercharge Your Meetings: Zoom Meetings are getting an upgrade, with features like live transcriptions powered by AI (so you can finally ditch those frantic note-taking sessions) and fancy new virtual backgrounds that support videos and slideshows. Feeling creative? You can even use your meeting room as a virtual background for your next Zoom call – mind blown!

A Touch of ESP? Zoom's getting a little creepy with features like people counting in Zoom Rooms (using AI and face detection, of course). While this might be helpful for attendance tracking, it also raises some privacy concerns...

Overall, Zoomtopia 2019 showed that Zoom is serious about making meetings more efficient and engaging. But with all this new AI power, it's important to keep an eye on the privacy implications. We don't want our meetings turning into scenes from Black Mirror, do we?

More detailed insights through the original article click the link below:

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