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"YouTube Adds Playables: Since Watching Games Wasn't Enough!"

YouTube is rolling out a new feature called "playables," which lets users try out games without leaving the platform. This feature is part of YouTube's effort to expand its gaming content and attract more gamers. Playables allow viewers to play a short demo of a game directly within a YouTube video, using a cloud gaming technology similar to Google Stadia.

Game developers can integrate playables into their videos, offering viewers a taste of their games' experience. This could revolutionize game marketing, as developers can now showcase their games in a more interactive way, potentially increasing engagement and game discovery.

YouTube's playables could also benefit gamers, providing them with a new way to discover and try out games before deciding to purchase or download them. This feature is currently available to YouTube Premium subscribers in select markets, with plans to expand it globally in the future.

More detailed insights through the original article click the link below:

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