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Where's My God**mn Free Washed Sock Again ?!?!

College student, living on ramen noodles and questionable life choices. Discovers a magical loophole – free laundry for life! But this isn't some fairy godmother with a magic wand (although that would be way cooler). This is a security snafu so big, it could wash your clothes for a million lifetimes (or at least until someone notices). This article is all about how two UC Santa Cruz students stumbled upon a glitch in the system of a giant laundry machine company, CSC ServiceWorks. Apparently, the company's app is about as secure as a sock with a hole in it. With a few clicks, these students could have theoretically done laundry for their entire dorm, their professor, heck, maybe even the squirrels outside (because why not?). The kicker? CSC ServiceWorks has been chilling, seemingly oblivious to this gaping hole in their digital pockets. So, the moral of the story? Free laundry is great, but maybe don't exploit a giant corporation's security flaws to get it. There's a reason why they call it "dirty laundry," after all.

More detailed insights through the original article click the link below:

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