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Twitter Is Dead....

In a move that surprised absolutely no one, Elon Musk has decided Twitter wasn't flashy enough for his grand plans. So, in a display of pure genius (or maybe just a bored billionaire's whim), he's moved Twitter to a whole new website called That's right, folks, fold up your Twitter bookmarks and get ready for the exciting world of... X!

Apparently, Twitter wasn't living up to its full potential as a platform for, you know, sharing updates with friends and strangers. No, according to Musk, it needs to be an "everything app." So, get ready for a social media platform that also lets you... order groceries? Buy a car? Launch yourself into space (one can dream, right?)

The article even mentions that some tweets are still mysteriously appearing on the old address. This is probably just a glitch in the matrix caused by sheer confusion from everyone trying to figure out what X is supposed to be. But hey, at least Elon can finally reunite himself with, a domain he so lovingly purchased back in 1999 (because apparently, even billionaires get nostalgic for their early internet days).

So, the next time you need to desperately post about your breakfast or argue with strangers on the internet, be sure to head over to Just don't forget your decoder ring to navigate the mysterious new world of... whatever X is.

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May 20

Yeah X(Twitter) is now dead, just so many bot accounts , even I can't see geniune comments all the comments are farming engagement.

May 20
Replying to

Fairly notable, it's about time ..

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