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Tiktok Is Trump's New Source Of Income..

Former President Donald Trump has flipped his stance on TikTok yet again, sparking a mix of bewilderment and skepticism in Washington. Initially, Trump had tried to ban the app during his presidency, citing national security concerns due to its Chinese ownership. But now, he's singing TikTok's praises, causing many to raise eyebrows about his true motives.

Some believe that Trump's sudden about-face has less to do with a newfound love for viral dance videos and more to do with the interests of billionaire backers like Jeffrey Yass. Yass, a major donor to the conservative Club for Growth, holds a significant stake in TikTok's parent company, ByteDance. This wouldn't be the first time Trump has changed his tune in the face of donor influence; in 2020, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison's support seemed to play a role in Trump backing down from a TikTok ban.

Meanwhile, despite Trump's newfound support for TikTok, House Republicans have pushed forward with a bill to force ByteDance to divest the app or face a U.S. ban, marking a rare moment of defiance against Trump from his own party.

In true Trump fashion, his defense of TikTok has been punctuated with jabs at Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, whom Trump claims would benefit from a TikTok ban. This move has left many questioning whether Trump's stance is driven by genuine policy concerns or the potential financial benefits tied to his supporters.

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