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Telegram's Security Gamble: Can 30 Engineers Really Keep Your Data Safe?

Telegram, with its modest group of 30 engineers, is under the microscope as security experts wave the red flag. These experts argue that such a compact team handling the security of millions might be, well, less than ideal. The company's insistence that its tight-knit crew can manage security without a hitch is met with skepticism, to say the least.

Meanwhile, Telegram users are left to ponder the potential risks. The experts' warning suggests that a team this size might struggle to cover all security bases, raising questions about how well user data is protected. Telegram’s confidence in their engineering prowess might not be enough to quell the concerns.

As this debate rages on, one thing is clear: Telegram's security model, bolstered by its small team, has sparked a discussion that won't die down soon. Users now face a choice: trust the 30 engineers or heed the experts' cautionary advice. For more details, check out the full article on

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