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Metal Mayhem on the Horizon! Robokiden Shooter Avalanche Prepares for Summer Launch

(Image by Jon Jordan)

The robot brawling you've been craving is about to drop this summer. Elixir's Robokiden shooter, Avalanche, is prepping for a July launch, and it's looking like a mecha mayhem masterpiece.

Imagine piloting towering war machines and raining down destruction on your opponents in epic PvP battles. Avalanche throws you into a world where giant robots clash, and strategy meets pure, unadulterated metal-on-metal combat.

The article hints at different classes of Robokiden with unique abilities, so you can customize your playstyle. Whether you prefer strategic long-range attacks or getting up close and personal to pummel your foes, Avalanche seems to have you covered.

Mark your calendars for July, mech warriors! Because when Avalanche hits, it's going to be robot fighting time!

More detailed insights through the original article click the link below:

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