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Meta Tests User-Created AI Chatbots on Instagram

Meta has decided that letting users create their own AI chatbots on Instagram is a brilliant idea. Because nothing says "engaging social media" like interacting with chatbots made by your friends and followers. Clearly, the future of human connection is having a virtual conversation with someone's digital doppelgänger.

In this latest move, Meta is pushing the boundaries of user engagement by testing these user-created chatbots. It's a bold step in ensuring that our social media feeds are filled with even more content that isn't quite human. Perhaps this will help Instagram users achieve the perfect blend of authentic interaction and automated responses.

Whether this experiment will transform social media or simply clutter our feeds with more noise is anyone's guess. But one thing's for sure: Meta is determined to keep us entertained, one chatbot at a time. Get ready to see if your friends' AI creations can hold a conversation better than they can.

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