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Kyndryl & Nvidia the Mario & Luigi But AI

Self-driving cars and robot butlers? Yeah, that future is still coming, but it seems like big companies are having a hard time getting there.

This article is about Kyndryl and Nvidia, who are basically teaming up to be the Mario and Luigi of the enterprise AI world. Kyndryl is like Mario, the helpful plumber who can fix your leaky pipes (data) and Kyndryl Bridge and Kyndryl Consult are his trusty tools. Nvidia is like Luigi, always providing the best gadgets (hardware and software like NeMo platform and NIM inference microservice) to get the job done.

Together, they're hoping to make AI adoption easier for businesses, so we can all get back to waiting for those robot butlers.

More detailed insights through the original article click the link below:

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