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"Google's AI Overviews: A Threatening Mix of Dangerous and Absurd Advice"

Google's latest marvel, the AI Overviews feature, has taken the internet by storm—with its talent for producing some of the most laughably inaccurate and downright dangerous advice ever seen. From suggesting glue as a pizza topping to encouraging people to snack on rocks, this AI is clearly working hard to redefine what we consider "useful information"

Despite these charmingly absurd recommendations, Google assures us that such mistakes are rare, arguing that most of their AI's summaries are top-notch. Apparently, we should overlook the minor issue of it pulling data from the likes of decade-old Reddit threads and satirical sites like The Onion. Because who doesn't love a little humor with their search results?

Not only is the AI Overviews feature misleading, but it also threatens the very fabric of the internet's ecosystem by potentially starving smaller websites of traffic. Why would users bother clicking through to the original content when Google's AI summary has already given them such stellar advice? Publishers, naturally thrilled by this development, are calling for action against this rampant misuse of their content .

But don't worry, Google says this is just a beta feature. Surely, a few bizarre and hazardous recommendations are a small price to pay for the "future of search." For those who are fed up, there are always browser extensions to block these AI gems, or perhaps it's time to consider a search engine that doesn't try to poison its users.

More detailed insights through the original article click the link below:

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