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Elden Ring Expansion Trailer is Here to Kick Your A** !!

From the creators of rage-inducing nightmares and existential dread comes Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, the expansion that nobody asked for (but secretly everyone craved).

This new trailer is dripping with more lore than a college textbook, showcasing a whole new chunk of the Lands Between to explore. Get ready to battle nightmarish creatures you never thought existed (like a giant, angry sock puppet), uncover the mysteries of the Erdtree's shadow (it's probably not a good one), and maybe, just maybe, finally achieve some semblance of peace in this crazy world (doubtful).

So grab your trusty Mimic Tear buddy, dust off your Flask of Crimson Tears, and prepare to dive back into the glorious misery that is Elden Ring. Just try not to go hollow from the sheer excitement (or frustration).

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