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Byju's: Edtech Prodigy Ate Too Much Expansion Cake, Now Choking on a $100 Million Bill!

Byju's, once the pride of India's startup ecosystem, went from a staggering $22 billion valuation to being a financial train wreck. Known for revolutionizing edtech, it has now become a case study in corporate mismanagement. The company's troubles started with aggressive expansion and questionable accounting practices, leading to massive losses. Investors, seeing the red flags, ran for the hills. Now, Byju's is desperately seeking $100 million to stave off collapse. Leadership's hollow reassurances do little to calm the storm, transforming a once-celebrated success story into a glaring cautionary tale for entrepreneurs everywhere. Who knew turning gold into ashes could be so swift?

More detailed insights through the original article click the link below:

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