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**Blockchain Gaming Roundup: Celebrating Heists and Calling It Progress**

In this week's blockchain gaming roundup, Elixir pulled a magic trick by turning Project ST into RoboKiden, set to blast off on the Avalanche blockchain in July. Splinterlands threw a huge bash for its sixth birthday with a 2 million DEC tournament—talk about a party! Meanwhile, Immutable's user count is skyrocketing, nearing 1.4 million faster than you can say "blockchain onboarding".

Shrapnel is making things interesting with craftable skins and a new staking system for its next playtest. Gala Games, not to be outdone, had a wild ride with a $240 million token heist but is bouncing back like a champ. Nyan Heroes is spreading the feline fun with new token listings and an airdrop, while MetalCore keeps gamers hooked with its "loot, upgrade, convert, and trade" loop.

The drama continues with Jason Brink leaving Gala Games to launch a new venture, LFG. The blockchain gaming world is a whirlwind of innovation, parties, and a bit of drama—just the way we like it.

More detailed insights through the original article click the link below:

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