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Bitcoin Burgers and Blockchain Beers!

Forget cash, forget credit cards – the future of finance is all about secretly paying for things with Bitcoin! Buckle up for a hilarious look at the vision of Roy Sheinfeld, CEO of Breez. This guy wants to shove Bitcoin's Lightning Network, faster than a greased weasel, into every app you use. Imagine hailing an Uber and paying in microscopic fractions of a Bitcoin – because who needs a whole Bitcoin to get across town, right? Sheinfeld says forget education, the real secret sauce is hiding Bitcoin in plain sight! So next time you open your favorite food delivery app, who knows, you might be unknowingly fueling your late-night pizza cravings with some magic internet money. Just don't come crying to Breez if your bank account suddenly looks like a deflated whoopie cushion – you were warned!

More detailed insights through the original article click the link below:

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