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Apple's WWDC 2024: Siri Gets Smart, iOS 18 Shuffles Icons, and Vision Pro Sees with visionOS 2!

So, Apple just had their big WWDC 2024 event, and it's a real shocker. They’ve decided to dive headfirst into AI because apparently, they just realized it exists. Tim Cook assures us that Apple will finally catch up with its competitors. Get ready for Siri to get a bit smarter, as if anyone was asking for that.

iOS 18? It's here, bringing you the revolutionary ability to move app icons wherever you want on your home screen. Stunning. They've also thrown in some AI photo editing and a new Passwords app because why not? iPads are getting a Calculator app – only took them how many years?

The Vision Pro is getting visionOS 2, so if you shelled out for that pricey headset, congratulations, it might actually start doing something useful. But don’t hold your breath for new hardware; Apple’s too busy renaming macOS after whatever Californian landmark they haven't used yet.

Want to watch the keynote? It’s streaming everywhere because Apple really wants to make sure you don’t miss their latest groundbreaking innovations.

More detailed insights through the original article click the link below:

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