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Apple Reinvents the Wheel: iOS 18 to Finally Make Siri Useful, Years After Everyone Else

Get ready for Apple's WWDC 2024, where they’ll try to convince us they're leading the AI revolution with iOS 18. They're rolling out features that have been around elsewhere for ages. Siri, that friendly assistant who’s mostly been setting timers and answering basic questions, is set to get a brain upgrade. Expect her to write messages for you and create personalized playlists—truly groundbreaking, right? The AI magic doesn’t stop there: iOS 18 will help you summarize web content, generate custom emojis, and even coach you on health and wellness.

Apple is also pushing on-device AI, touting privacy and speed. Sure, it means no fancy cloud processing, so don't expect anything too sophisticated. Older devices might not get the full AI treatment either—only the latest iPhones will harness the full power of Apple's on-device intelligence. This privacy-first approach might sound noble, but it's really just another way of saying they can’t keep up with Google's cloud-based AI.

In addition to AI, iOS 18 promises a revamped design and more customization options, inching closer to what Android users have enjoyed for years. Apple Maps might finally get features like custom routes and topographic maps, borrowing ideas from the Apple Watch. Accessibility improvements and a new AI app store are also rumored, making iOS 18 one of Apple's most significant updates in recent years.

So, while Apple tries to sell you on their 'innovations,' remember they’re just catching up to what others have been doing all along. Enjoy the keynote!

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