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Apple Just Made You a Cyborg: Control Your Phone with Your Eyes, Feel Music in Your Palms

Attention all cyborgs and regular folks alike! Apple just announced a bunch of new accessibility features that are so good, they practically make you superhuman. We're talking mind control your phone with your eyes (seriously!), feel the beat of music through vibrations, and even create your own voice commands to get things done. So basically, you can become a Jedi Knight, a superhero with super senses, or just someone who can finally use their phone without fumbling with their fingers. Pretty darn cool, right?

The article Apple Announces New Accessibility Features, Including Eye Tracking goes into all the nitty-gritty details, but here's the gist:

Eye Tracking: This is the stuff of sci-fi movies. Now you can control your phone with just your eyes! No more struggling with tiny buttons or a cracked screen – just a quick wink and your phone does your bidding. Just imagine playing games with your eyes – way easier than those pesky thumbs. Music Haptics: Ever wonder what it's like to feel music? Well, with Music Haptics, you can! Your phone will translate the music into vibrations, so you can experience the beat in a whole new way. It's like having a built-in subwoofer in your pocket – perfect for dance parties or just grooving out to your favorite tunes. Vocal Shortcuts: Tired of tapping and swiping? Create your own voice commands to control your phone! Want to open Instagram with just the word "pictures"? Done. Need to call your mom but can't find your phone? Just yell "mom" and voila! (Although that might be a recipe for disaster depending on your relationship with your mom).

These are just a few of the cool new features that Apple is bringing to the table. So whether you have a disability or just want to feel like a superhero, these new accessibility features are definitely worth checking out. Just don't get too carried away with your newfound eye powers – staring at your phone all day probably still isn't the best for you.

More detailed insights through the original article click the link below:

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