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Forget cozy campfires and chill troll hunting! This Viking survival game is all about building a bustling village fueled by fear... and maybe a little soul-sucking on the side. Unlike that other Viking game (you know the one, with the comfy meadows), Aska lets you be a real warlord, recruiting NPC chumps to do your bidding. Think chopping wood is beneath you? Assign a hapless villager! Feeling peckish? Well, there's a whole "devouring souls" mechanic we won't spoil here... Just be sure to keep your village well-stocked with sacrificial lambs, er, I mean, loyal followers... definitely loyal followers. So ditch the peaceful vibes and embrace the dark side of Viking life in Aska, coming to Steam Early Access on June 20th. Just don't blame us if your therapist starts asking questions.

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